About James Stanbridge

I'm James Stanbridge. Proudly born and raised right here in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

I've been creative since I was created. I've always been and will always be "that creative guy".

Some of my first and fondest memories are of finding Art. My Aunty Lisa teaching me to draw. Holding a camera for the first time. Photoshopping lightsabers into family photos (that's Art, right?).

The mediums evolve. The education deepens and widens.

One thing doesn't change: I'm an Artist.

Where's Jimmy? (West End II) - 4064 Small.jpg


Create rich, ultra-quality, hand-crafted images.
And have fun doing it.

I truly want my images to be the best. Perfect, punchy, iconic pictures. I call this the "XXX-factor".